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We control the pulse of electrical machinery

Teknor is one of Norway’s foremost electromechanical companies. We wind, maintain, repair and sell all types of rotating electrical machinery, frequency transformers and control systems.

Through repair and maintenance, based on extensive expertise and modern technology, we extend the life of electrical machinery.

Teknor was founded in 1951 under the name Bjarne Dypvik Vikleverksted. 60 years in the industry has given us totally unique expertise. We are a high-tech company that intends to be ahead all the time, in terms of both technology and expertise. We maintain the right quality at all stages.

Quality first

We are based in a top-modern electromechanical workshop in Harstad. Here we have the latest in measuring instruments and computer technology. The workshop is also approved to certify and wind explosion-proof machines. This is particularly relevant for mining and offshore.

Our 16 employees are loyal, knowledgeable and flexible. They are specialists in their fields and are happy to give that little bit extra to give our customers good, fast service. We don’t take short cuts. We do the job thoroughly and correctly.

Teknor was the first company in northern Norway to be certified in accordance with the ISO 9001 standard when it came in 2008. We also have our own engineering department that plans, quality assures and documents the work that is done. Our customers can rely on us to provide the right quality in our work. Teknor follows the life cycle and controls the pulse of electrical machinery.

Always on call

For many of our customers, when a machine breaks down it means production stops. Teknor has a 24-hour telephone line and we always have employees on call. Our aim is to make any stoppage as short as possible. We serve customers all over the country, and can also work abroad if required. Our employees have the certification necessary for offshore work.

Teknor’s day-to-day work handles everything from the biggest generators in the power industry to small electric motors. If you have electrical machinery that needs service, maintenance or repair, we are the right partners for you.

In 2013 Teknor had a turnover of NOK 23,8 million. Our prospects are good and our clear goal is continued growth.