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Optimum maintenance

When a service agreement is signed with us, we maintain control of the customer’s machinery and create a plan for monitoring, service and maintenance.

Since we regularly test machinery and controls, stoppages for maintenance can be planned in good time.We are flexible and do our utmost to ensure that maintenance shut-downs are as short as possible and are planned for times that suit the customer. The content of the service agreement is optimised to suit the machinery in question. We use methods such as:

  • Vibration analysis
  • Thermography
  • Boroscopy (keyhole technology)

Many of our customers have demanding standards to conform to. Teknor is certified to ISO 9001. Our engineers test and devise the necessary documentation for the machinery. For profitability and security, you receive our recommendations in four levels.

  • Level 0 - Not available
  • Level 1 - As new, no remarks
  • Level 2 - Normal ageing, somewhat aged
  • Level 3 - Minor non-compliance, see remarks
  • Level 4 - Significant damage, see remarks

Our engineers have unique expertise and long experience. This, together with the results of our measuring methods, gives you optimum maintenance.

Extended lifetime

We perform vibration measurement on site, or as continuous monitoring with signals transmitted to our control centre. This allows us to record any non-compliance and propose appropriate measures before breakdown.

Thermocameras, boroscopy (keyhole technology) and various network analysers are used when checking the condition of machinery. Baker testing gives us information about how far along its lifetime curve the winding of a piece of machinery is.

This, together with our expertise and experience, gives the customer more reliable operation and a longer lifetime for electrical machinery and systems.

Preventive maintenance is carried out on motors, generators, transformers, gears, pumps, frequency transformers, automated systems, PLC, start apparatus, control systems, power distribution and signalling.