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Teknor VPI - without doubt the best method for extending lifetime

Some machines are exposed to extreme stresses. They may be in corrosive environments or subjected to constant hard operation. By impregnating the windings of these machines in the right way, both lifetime and efficiency can be improved.

Teknor VPI (Vacuum Pressure Impregnation) is without doubt the best method for extending the lifetime of electrical machinery. Generators and motors offshore and locomotive engines are good examples of machinery where customers have found that Teknor VPI treatment extends lifetime and improves operating economy.

Teknor has worked together with SINTEF to develop a VPI method that is extremely effective. We determine the limit values for the optimum process with the aid of a model. Resin is then applied to the windings under a vacuum. This ensures it is sucked into all cracks and crevices. The winding is then subjected to pressure, so as to force the resin even further in. By optimising the quantity of resin, the vacuum and the pressure, we have arrived at a very effective impregnation method.

This is the best impregnation method currently on the market. The result is stable insulation resistance, a longer lifetime and better operating economy for the customer. Once the repair and impregnation is complete, the ageing process of the machinery has been altered so as to achieve a longer lifetime.

Teknor is the only company in Norway with a documentable VPI process.